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Junction Networks Develops Interactive Video Guide for OnSIP Business VoIP Service

Tuesday, 12/06/2011
Today, Junction Networks, provider of the OnSIP hosted business VoIP service, released an interactive YouTube video that demonstrates how to set up and customize a business phone system in less than 10 minutes.

OnSIP Shows Platform Agility with Live Call Map

Tuesday, 06/28/2011
"It shows live OnSIP service calls as they are made and terminated on Google Maps. Made possible by an integration of the real time OnSIP data and the Google Maps API, what you see is that each time an OnSIP call is made or received, a pin is dropped on the live call map, openly displaying call volume peak and trend information."

OnSIP Announces Live Call Map

Tuesday, 06/28/2011

Ask Ars: Help! I need VoIP service for my virtual office!

Tuesday, 06/28/2011
"Ars currently uses a service called OnSIP, which offers such features as voicemail, extensions, call forwarding, and automated menu—essentially, everything you've described and more. We also have the flexibility of using OnSIP with both standard Polycom IP phones, which offer exceptional call quality, and with third-party software clients as well. (Seriously, the Polycom phones running over IP provide scary-good clarity for conference calls. Our editor-in-chief "jokes" about holding staff calls just to enjoy the experience.)"

CounterPath Announces ITSP Partner Program for Mobile Softphones

Tuesday, 05/24/2011
“Joining CounterPath's ITSP Partner Program and certifying our OnSIP Hosted PBX service with Bria iPhone Edition was an obvious choice for us," said Robert Wolpov, President and Founder of Junction Networks.

5 Small Businesses Lifted by High Gas Prices

Sunday, 05/15/2011
"We've just seen a big increase in people looking to work from home," Oeth says. "Gas prices are definitely a part of it, prices in childcare and day care, after-school care -- those prices have gone up." The company's revenue has doubled on both a year-to-date and month-over-month basis compared with last year, he notes. "We're shooting to double the number of active phones by the end of this year to 20,000 from about 11,000 currently."

What You Need to Know About Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Monday, 12/06/2010
"The Gingerbread OS adds a built-in web phone, but it doesn’t look straightforward to use. You’ll have to add your own Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) account in order to activate internet phoning. Don’t know what that is? You can find out how to get one at OnSIP."

VoIP and Voicemail-to-Text Make a Better Network

Thursday, 10/28/2010
A broadband voice and data provider sees improved customer service with solutions from Junction Networks and PhoneTag.

Have we reached a tipping point for cloud-based VoIP?

Monday, 08/30/2010
"...OnSIP, Twilio, CloudVox, FreeSwitch, are all telephony platforms that have been making a splash and gaining popularity, and they're built firmly on open source. The reasons are legion; but for OnSIP, the two most important are what's most important to their customers: price and control..."

OnSIP – The smart approach to business phone service

Thursday, 08/26/2010

Interview with OnSIP founders:

"...Junction Networks was founded in 2004 and delivers VoIP communications services using superior telephony technologies to over 5,000 small, medium, and large businesses. The company was founded on the premise that the future of business communications would rely heavily on IP technologies. OnSIP is a hosted business VoIP service. Customers connect phones to OnSIP over the Internet from any location for everything from extension dialing and inbound calls to acd queues and voicemail services. It’s the leading open SIP platform for business..."

How A Little Hack Can Be Lifechanging

Saturday, 04/24/2010
"...This is a little hack. It wasn't a huge amount of effort for OnSip to build this extension and the extension has only been downloaded 902 times as of this morning at the Firefox add on service. So in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a big game changing web service. But it is a lifechanger for me. It simplifies making calls and makes the wired experience mimic the mobile one..."

SIP Phones and Voice In The Cloud

Thursday, 04/22/2010
"Yesterday evening, I got a SNOM M3 phone that I had ordered from Amazon. I unpacked it and charged the phone. While it was charging, I pointed my web browser to and set up a 30 day free trial account. It took me about five minutes to set up an account, one user, and get a phone number..."

Environmental Start-up Gains PBX Extensions and APIs Sans Environmental - or Financial - Impact

Tuesday, 04/01/2008
"Junction Networks onSIP hosted PBX solution has been a real rising star of late."

Junction Networks Extends Power of Hosted PBX with Open Developer API

Monday, 03/24/2008
Info about OnSIP from TMC Net

Ken Camp on OnSIP Inbound Bridge

Thursday, 02/28/2008
"Now Junction Networks added another money saving feature to its OnSIP hosted PBX service..."

Business Hooked on VoIP Service

Thursday, 02/21/2008
"...a new breed of service that's way more advanced than anything old Ma Bell used to serve up"

Junction Networks uses Asterisk to tailor VoIP to customer demands

Monday, 02/04/2008
Mike Oeth, CEO of Junction Networks, discusses the evolution of OnSIP with Tina Gasperson

Just a phone call away

Tuesday, 01/22/2008
John Anastasi of The Bucks County Courier Times discusses hosted pbx services with Michael Oeth.

Make VoIP Calling As Simple As An Email Address

Tuesday, 01/08/2008
"'s nice to see that Junction Networks is being forward thinking."

WINNER - 2007 Internet Telephony Product of the Year

Monday, 01/07/2008
OnSIP Hosted PBX wins the 2007 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award

OnSIP Hosted PBX named #4 of Top 25 VoIP Innovations of 2007

Monday, 12/17/2007
Robert Poe ranks OnSIP Hosted PBX as the #4 VoIP Innovation of 2007

Big-Biz Features: Small-Biz Price

Thursday, 11/08/2007
"Taken as a whole, it's a pretty eye-opening solution that moves business telephony into a very new place."

OnSIP: A Hosted PBX For Small Business

Wednesday, 10/31/2007
"That's quite a time and money saver, something every small business owner can appreciate!"

WINNER - 2007 Internet Telephony Excellence Award

Friday, 09/07/2007
OnSIP is honored for delivering exceptional VoIP/IP telephony solutions

Can You Hear Me Now? Unify Your Communications

Thursday, 07/19/2007
"At the business end of the spectrum is Junction Networks’ Hosted PBX."